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How much I love you
I love you more than I could try spending a lifetime of trying to show you.
My love for you goes deeper than the oceans and higher than the sky.
It is unending, time its self would run out before my love for you ever could or would.
I would just be dead inside with out your love with out your touch.
You are my mistress my one and only desire.
This I tell you couldn't be more from the heart,
I love you and this I swear it's true there is nothing that I want more than you, from now and till forever.
You are my Goddess your very wish is my command.
So my love if you are wondering why I am telling you these things tonight I want to be your husband, I want you to be my wife.
:iconcykotic-tendencies:Cykotic-Tendencies 1 1
Give it a try
Was there ever someone that you wanted for all time?
Thee unattainable
The most desirable one of your dreams
Such an angelic form before you
You wish to just reach out and touch it
But you know you can't
With a heavy sigh you just give up
A tear streams down your face
Why did you give up so easily?
Are you afraid of being shot down or your heart being broke?
Give it a try
Just say something, anything at all
You might find out that the unattainable just became yours in the blink of an eye
:iconcykotic-tendencies:Cykotic-Tendencies 1 2
I cant let you go
I've been sitting here trying to find my self but all I can find is you
This heart of mine seems to have a mind of its own
Because it's decided not to let you go
So now I've got something to tell you that I just cant say out loud.
I've realized one thing, how much I love you
But I fall to pieces each time I see you again with someone else.
How am I supposed to live with out you?
Knowing that I will never love anyone as much as I love you.
I believe that there is one soul on this earth that was meant for mine.
How could I have ever been so blind?
Letting you walk out the door
And out of my life was the biggest mistake I have ever made.
If I could just forget the past, I would
But I can't just forget about you
So instead my love will follow you
Down the paths you will travel and every road in your soul
My love will be your shadow and each tear that falls from my eyes cries your name
:iconcykotic-tendencies:Cykotic-Tendencies 3 3
Hold me till its over
Trapped and unable to be set free
Now to the point where it can't even bleed
This body it's holding cell
Imprisoned now inside your mind
Trapped as the sounds now becoming deafening
The screams ever haunting
While you watch the decay of your own life as it drains away.
I reach out to hold you, to take away the pain
Trying to save you from the nothing you've become
Intoxicating enough I cant help but watch
As part of you fights this but part of you is already gone
Somewhere in this darkness there is a way but only you can find it.
:iconcykotic-tendencies:Cykotic-Tendencies 2 2
Karare Sketch :iconcykotic-tendencies:Cykotic-Tendencies 1 4
Broken Wings
Oh my beautiful butterfly
Please do not cry
I know your heartaches
For a love that was lost
I wish I could just hold you
And make all your pain just wash away
Like chalk on a sidewalk in the summers rain
I know a day will come
When the sun with shine its rays down onto you
Warming your soul from within
So you can spread your beautiful wings and fly
Soaring high back into the endless blue sky above once again
:iconcykotic-tendencies:Cykotic-Tendencies 2 3
If I Could, I Would
If I could give you happiness
As if it were just a gift
I would
If I could take away your pain
And suffer for you
I would
If I could mend your broken heart
With just a needle and thread
I would
If could cry for a thousand years
Just so you would not have to shed another tear
I would
If I could make you believe there is life after love
So you could live again
I would
If I could give you the world
To hold in your hands
I would
If I could give you all the love I have
So you would never feel unloved
I would
If I could do any of these things……you know I would
:iconcykotic-tendencies:Cykotic-Tendencies 2 4
Dirty Little Secret
I' m tired, tired of being your dirty little secret
The one you hide away from everyone else
Are you ashamed of me? Or what others will think?
Yes, maybe a few close ones know about me
But that's just it, you tell the ones close your secrets
Am I really that bad? Like some monster under your bed?
In the beginning I didn't mind being your dirty little secret
But now it's taken it's toll, and I can't bare it much longer
Will you change? Will you finally tell?
I didn't think so, but I figured that's how it would be
Well this dirty little secret of yours is about to break free
What would you do if I told? Would you lie?
Well my dear this secret of yours is about to get out
Because I'm not your toy anymore, I climbed down off your shelf
Will you miss me when I'm gone? Would you finally tell the world?
I doubt it, that's just not you anymore
So much for your secret now, it's out and everyone knows
I'm your dirty little secret! HA HA I TOLD!
Moral - You shouldn't be ashamed of some
:iconcykotic-tendencies:Cykotic-Tendencies 3 3
Mature content
Submission :iconcykotic-tendencies:Cykotic-Tendencies 1 2


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First two bull Elk I've ever drug home... many more after this but the people there during the time I got them are no longer with us. Which makes these two the best I've ever had....

They were the ones who taught me most of what I know now and one of them was there with me to help when my left leg wad in a cast from foot to knee on my fist elk hunt which wad supposed to be alone...damn glad I wasn't bc of the cast.
Fishing point
Finishing things not in your favor bit the taste of victory is even more bitter but tens folds ad sweet!
Fishing point
After a long days ride on the bike, couldn't ask for better view


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CKYO and The Joker's Quinn
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The two of us Colab on most of our stuff...

When you're the Mad Hatter you have to find an Alice of sorts to rein in your tea party at times....


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